Founder’s Message

Building the home of your dreams is something most of us think about our entire lives. But for many people, for many reasons, it remains just that—a dream. Thirty years ago, my family and I started Schumacher Homes so families across America could build high-quality, affordable, completely customizable homes that were as unique and special as they were. Today, that’s exactly what we do.

I’m proud to say that over the last 3 decades, Schumacher Homes has grown into the largest custom homebuilder in America. To date, we’ve built more than 20,000 custom homes, not one just like the other. Out of more than 40,000 builders in the United States, we were awarded the National Housing Quality Award for building excellence. In addition, we were awarded the National Gold Winning Home of the Year by the National Association of Home Builders. For us, that validated something we’ve known for a long time—we’re not like other builders.

When you meet with us, you’ll discover four things you may never have believed about building a custom home.

We understand building a custom home is extremely personal. It’s not just wood and brick and some finishing touches. It’s where you and your family will make a lifetime