Space-Saving Solutions: The Magic of Double Stacked Cabinets in Your Schumacher Homes Kitchen

Installing double stacked cabinets in your Schumacher Homes kitchen provides several benefits compared to traditional single layer cabinetry. With double stacked cabinets, you gain more storage, increased accessibility, better organization, and a smaller footprint – all in one sleek and stylish design.

Double stacked cabinets allow you to maximize your vertical space by stacking two layers of cabinets on top of each other. This doubles your storage capacity without claiming more floor space. It’s an efficient way to store more dishes, cookware, pantry items, and everything else you need handy in your kitchen. No more rummaging to find what you need or dealing with cluttered countertops.

Upper cabinets in a double-stacked design are nevertheless easily accessible thanks to pull-down shelves. These shelves let you lower upper cabinets to your level, allowing you to easily view and reach whatever is placed inside. This makes even the highest shelves of the upper cabinets easily accessible.

With two layers of storage, you also gain better organization potential. Separate items that get used less frequently in the upper cabinets, while keeping everyday dishes and glasses within easy reach in lower cabinets. Organize by type of item or cooking category to create a kitchen tailored to your needs.

Because double stacked cabinets build up rather than out, they leave you with a smaller footprint overall. You gain storage without needing to expand the kitchen’s square footage. This frees up valuable space for countertops and appliances.

Schumacher Homes kitchens are often tight on horizontal space. Double stacked cabinets allow you to maximize the vertical space in your kitchen by building upwards instead of outwards. This is ideal for small kitchens where you want to avoid a cluttered feel.

Increasing your storage space keeps your kitchen from appearing cramped or closed off. By building up to the ceiling, you open up the visual area and create an airy, open look. Even in a small kitchen, double-stacked cabinets provide a sense of openness.

Rather of increasing the size of your kitchen with more bottom cabinets, take advantage of the underutilized vertical space. Double stacking upper cabinets toward the ceiling makes use of this unused area to maximize storage capacity. You’ll gain storage while keeping an open, uncluttered appearance.

Double stacked cabinets are a great way to maximize storage and value in your kitchen. If you’re interested in exploring this space-saving solution, the first step is to schedule a design consultation with one of our experts for your custom home.

The benefits of double stacked cabinets are clear: more organized storage, easier access to items, and added home value. But you won’t fully appreciate how seamlessly they maximize your kitchen until you experience the transformation firsthand.

Schedule your design consultation today to get the ball rolling on your custom home to get the kitchen of your dreams. Our team is ready to help you make the most of our accessible house plans in order to create your ideal kitchen!

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