Should You Build a Deck or a Patio? Schumacher Homes Tips

Decks and patios are two popular outdoor living space options for homeowners. When trying to decide between incorporating a new deck or patio in your new home, there are several factors to consider regarding the maintenance, durability, aesthetics, functionality, weather appropriateness and safety.

Both decks and patios expand your home’s livable space and provide an area for outdoor entertaining and relaxation. Decks are typically constructed from wood and elevated above ground, while patios are often made from materials like concrete, pavers, or stone and built at ground level.

Decks tend to be less expensive to build than patios upfront, but require more ongoing maintenance. Patios are generally the more durable and longer-lasting option. In terms of appearance, decks often blend in more naturally with gardens and greenery, while patios complement homes with a more contemporary style.

Functionally, decks usually have a smooth and consistent surface while patios can have more variation. Colder climates may favor decks which avoid frost heave and stay warmer due to elevation and slat spaces. Safety should be considered, as elevated decks have greater fall risks. Lastly, well-built patios tend to recoup more value at resale over decks.

Evaluating the differences between decks versus patios will lead to the best decision when planning a new outdoor living area that matches both your needs and home style.

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